Self Storage Packing Tips

Self Storage Packing Tips

To Assist you with Packing your Self Storage Unit, we have listed some Storage Packing Tips below:

1.  Fridges/Freezers and all White Goods.

  • Defrost, dry and clean before storing.
  • Leave door slightly ajar or even tape open doors so that the air can circulate.
  • A Deodorizer might be a good idea to maintain freshness.
  • While storing items inside freezers might be a good use of space, it might cause permanent damage or leave marks, so be careful.

2. Washing Machines

  • Drain out the hoses
  • Tape up any movable drums inside the machine before moving into storage.

3. Bicycles & Other Metal Items

  • Wipe all metal surfaces, such as cast iron or chrome with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil.
  • Wrap silver in non-acid tissue paper bags can help reduce tarnishing.

4. Pictures & Mirrors

  • Wrap in corrugated cardboard or use some bed sheets to cover mirrors.
  • For pictures wrap in old towels or use sheets or corrugated cardboard.
  • Mark these items as fragile.
  • Store standing on edge.

5. Getting the most from your Storage Unit.

  • Try to use the full height of the storage unit.
  • Store large/heavy items at the base of the unit. These include such things as Washing Machines, Fridges and Cupboards.
  • Dismantle as many items as possible, eg beds, tables etc
  • Store smaller /lighter items on top of other items to maximize space.
  • Keep items you may wish to access first at the front of your unit.

6. Carton Storage

  • Keep the weight of each carton under 15kg.
  • Line cartons with plastic and fill empty spaces with wrapping paper.
  • Use tea towels, towels or sheets as packing between fragile items and to make use of all space.
  • List the contents of the side of the carton or take a picture of the contents of the box.


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